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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Telephone services disrupted in Dolpa for three days

Dolpa, January 20

Entire Dolpa district has been deprived of telephone communications for three days.

Both landline and mobile services are disrupted after technical glitches at Nepal Telecom repeater tower.

The repeater tower located at Mourelek of Gagdulla Rural Municipality conked out on Friday, said the Telecommunications Office.

Even the GCM and CDMA towers set up at Juphal and Dun of Thulibheri Municipality and Lha of Tripurasundari Municipality are not functioning.

Executive Chief of Nepal Telecom in Nepalgunj, Shibaraj Khanal, informs that a technical team has been mobilised from Jumla along with necessarys item and the communications would resume by Tuesday.

Daily activities at government offices and non government organisations in the district have been badly affected after the disruption in communications.


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New advertising law proposes Rs 100,000 fine for spammers

Kathmandu, January 20

The government of Nepal is preparing to implement a new advertising law, which proposes a fine upto Rs 100,000 for persons and companies that send unwanted advertising emails to account holders.

The same provision will also apply to spam SMSes to be sent via mobile phone networks.

However, the provision will not bar local, provincial and federal governments from sending SMSes about public awareness issues and disasters.

In other cases, the recipient should give a consent to send such emails and SMSes to them.

The government has recently registered the Bill to Regulate Advertising at the Federal Parliament Secretariat, and the legislative body will soon begin discussions on the document, according to sources.

The bill has envisioned a powerful Advertising Board at the federal level to regulate the sector.

The board will be chaired by a government appointee, and it will include representatives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Supplies and the Ministry of Communications.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

21,441 CCTV cameras needed to keep Kathmandu Valley safe: Police

Kathmandu, January 20

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office says as many as 21,441 CCTV cameras are needed in order to keep three districts of Kathmandu Valley safe.

The Office recently carried out a study and identified that 9,117 cameras were needed in Kathmandu, 5,985 in Bhaktapur and 6,339 in Lalitpur districts.

DIG Shailesh Thapa Chhetri, Chief of the Mission, however, says installing these cameras will not be immediately possible.

He informs that police have been coordinating with local governments under the Community-Police Cooperation campaign of Nepal Police, and it also involves installing CCTV cameras at most necessary places.

There are 21 local governments in Kathmandu Valley and each of them have at least one police unit, according to officials.

There are three police ranges, 18 police circles and 167 other smaller units in operation under the Commissioner’s Office.

Spokesperson at the office, SSP Puja Singh, says stakeholders and local governments have demanded establishment of 18 additional police units.

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Telecom companies yet to pay Rs 3 billion revenue from previous years

Kathmandu, January 20

Various telecommunication companies of the country have to pay Rs 3 billion in revenue to the government from previous years till mid-January, according to officials.

Nine companies have to pay Rs 2.967 billion to the government and consequently, they have been barred from importing foreign equipment and currencies for their operation, according to Purushottam Khanal, acting chief of Nepal Telecommunications Authority.

Khanal says the regulatory body has been sending letters to the companies almost every month, reminding them to pay the due on time. The companies, however, largely ignore the urge.

Speaking at a meeting of a parliamentary committee in Kathmandu on Friday, Khanal assured that the authority was planning to scrap licences of the companies if they continued disrespecting the order.

The companies who have not paid due taxes are Smart Telecom, United Telecom Limited, Nepal Satellite Telecom, Broadlink Network and Communications, Itel Communications and Websurfer Nepal.

Unilever Nepal Limited, Tasi Communication Centre and I4 Technology have also failed to pay the calculated revenue, but their licences have already been scrapped, according to Khanal.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwa blamed legal loopholes for the government’s failure to collect the outstanding revenue. He demanded that concerned laws be amended at the earliest so as to ensure effective revenue collection.




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Garud Puran movie review: Dirty and knotty story in deceiving title

Garun Puran, for Hindus of Nepal, is the scripture that helps departed souls go to heaven safely and inspires the living to follow the right path. But, the movie Garud Puran released this week has nothing to do with heaven or hell.

The title is apparently deceiving as there are not sufficient grounds to give the movie this name. It originates in the name of the ‘band baja kendra’ that the father of a lead character owns. The audience sees the name written on a banner during the first scene, and that is all. There is nothing in the movie that refers to either Garud Band Baja Kendra or the religious text.

It’s not only the title that deceives you, but the entire plot also leaves you bored and baffled. It is poor in evoking emotions in the audience. Instead, the story has been made unnecessarily complicated. Sadly, this movie is also based on a conviction that making people laugh is enough for comedy, and the ‘artists’ can do any artless trick to achieve that.

Faulty presentation of inevitable realities

The viewers sense faultiness in the story in the first scene—whereas one of the character’s overseas ticket is not yet fixed, his parents throw a party to celebrate the occasion. This is ridiculous and senseless.

Garud Puran is based on the themes of lust for sex and money, and crimes that take place when people cannot control their want for the two. Whereas sex, money, and crime can move members of the public easily as they are inevitable realities of the human race, they turn boring when they are presented in the movies without considering the story’s artistic worth.

This movie’s presentation of sex and love is overtly dirty. Renbo, one of the characters, is not only desperate to ‘lose his virginity’; he compares the size of his genitals with that of others. Then, there is a quack, in the guise of a sadhu, who opens his ‘clinic’ in the open, cheating men in the pretext of helping them boost their libido.

This is faulty, mainly due to two reasons. First, the idea of a sadhu opening a sex clinic in Kathmandu is unrealistic. People like Renbo, given his background knowledge about various issues and social involvement, do not go to a sadhu, seeking suggestions about sexual power. Second, open discussion of sexual matters in a movie that targets the general audience itself is a cheap idea unless the intention is educating people; because sex is entirely a private affair. Many recent film producers have failed to realise this.

It becomes dirtier when words and phrases giving double meanings are used just to make people laugh. Renbo, in his dialogues, uses many such expressions.

Likewise, there is a woman who is ready to leave her committed boyfriend to go with a new acquaintance if he gifts her a fancy mobile set. Since her story is not fully developed, some may think that the movie just tries to devalue the female race.

The use of fake banknotes to pay ransom, intimidations and abduction attempts in order to amass money are also boring techniques of Nepali cinema industry and their artless exposure is pointless.

Knotty plot

Whereas the first half of the movie is full of dirty content, the second half is unnecessarily knotty.  There is a complex cycle of payable loans, like A has to pay some money to B, B to C and C to D. The entanglement deepens when the protagonists and antagonists plan to abduct key members of each side. As everyone runs after money, some aides exchange their sides; and the plot becomes more complicated. Likewise, there are some noticeable gaps in the story, which leave the audience confused.

Minutes before the film reaches its dénouement, all key characters of the movie come together. There is a bag containing millions of rupees, which everyone wants to snatch and run away. The scene is so boring that almost everyone gets the bag at least once, but immediately throws it away due to their inability to keep it safe. The scene looks like a children’s ball game, in which the player needs to hold the ball to get points.

But, why everyone is running after that bag is a mystery. If it is just because it has money, a commercial film showing the struggle is lame and childish.

Then, it suddenly ends with a statement by Renbo, who says he received all the money. As the friend of ‘the hero’ emerges as the ‘real hero’ because he has got hold of the money, the hero disappears. Ultimately, the viewers cannot comprehend who the hero is, and what the movie wants to show.

Average acting and cinematography

Najir Hussain and Karma, who entered the cinema world after their successful performances in theatre, have done a fair job in the movie. Hussain’s acting looks quite artificial in the beginning, but it improves as the story progresses. Karma’s acting is okay, but the characterisation of his role is problematic. Kameshwar Chaurasiya, Prabin Khatiwada and Prakash Ghimire’s acting is average.

Given that it is her first appearance on the big screen, Priyanka Singh Thakuri’s performance should be considered fair. Loonibha Tuladhar’s presentation is fantastic as it perfectly suits the role the story demands.

Cinematographically, Garud Puran is an average production. Not a single aspect of the movie leaves an impression on the audience, perhaps because the story itself is poor. The director has forcefully inserted one song in the movie—Ma ta prim ma. It does not have any relevance to the story. Featuring Nishchal Basnet in the song is not justified; he has been employed just to attract his fans.


Whether the religious Garun Puran takes you to heaven is questionable, but it is certain that the movie Garud Puran takes its audience and Nepali film industry nowhere. It will get lost behind the curtains after the next few shows.

Garun Puran

Runtime: 123 minutes

Genre: Comedy

Director: Subash Koirala

Screenplay: Subash Koirala, Binod Khatiwada, Akash Baral

Cast: Karma Shakya, Najir Hussain, Priyanka Singh Thakuri, Kameswor Chaurasyia, Prabin Khatiwada, Prakash Ghimire, Rashmi Bhatta, Loonibha Tuladhar, Basanta Bhatta


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Friday, January 18, 2019

Jayabageshwari Temple reconstruction to get over in two years

Kathmandu, January 18

Pashupati Area Development Trust has signed an agreement with new contractors regarding the reconstruction of Jayabaeswari Temple.

The Trust awarded the contract to Tulasi Construction and asked the company to complete the reconstruction within two years.

Member Secretary of the Trust, Pradip Dhakal, shares that the reconstruction of the temple will be done using old materials like mud mortar.

“The temple is in a UNESCO World Heritage property and we don’t want to use modern elements,” adds Dhakal.

The reconstruction assignment was given to another company in May 2015. After the company failed to show any progress, the trust cancelled their contract last year.

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Five-member team formed to take care of Dr KC

Kathmandu, January

A five-member team of doctors has been formed by Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital to look after medical education reform activist Dr Govinda KC on his 16th hunger strike.

The team is led by Internal Medicine Department Chief Dr Pradip Krishna Shrestha and includes Dr Sawin Thapaliya, Prof Dr Divya Singh Shah and Associate Professor Dr Pankaj Pant.

“We have assigned the same team that looked after Dr KC during his 15th hunger strike,” informed Managing Director Dr Prem Khadka.

KC, who has not eaten since January 9, was airlifted to Kathmandu early on Friday morning after his health detonated. He is being treated at Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj. Khadka informed that KC suffers from heartburn, his heartbeats are not regular and he is weak. “As of now, his condition quite stable, but we are waiting for a few test results,” Khadka shared.

Doctors involved in the case informed that KC has been administered medicine to make sure he doesn’t suffer from pneumonia.

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Dengue, a biggest threat to global health, spreading to Nepal: WHO

Kathmandu, January 18

The United Nations health agency, World Health Organization, has recently published a list of 10 biggest threats, highlighting one of those, dengue, is spreading to less tropical and more temperate countries like Nepal as well.

“A high number of cases occur in the rainy seasons of countries such as Bangladesh and India. Now, its season in these countries is lengthening significantly,” the report reads, “And the disease is spreading to less tropical and more temperate countries such as Nepal, that have not traditionally seen the disease.”

The list has mentioned dengue as the ninth biggest threat to global health.

Other items on the list include air pollution and climate change, noncommunicable diseases, global influenza pandemic, fragile and vulnerable settings, antimicrobial resistance, ebola and other high-threat pathogens, weak primary health care, vaccine hesitancy and HIV.

Meanwhile, the WHO says it is launching a new five year strategic plan in order to address these and other threats.

“This plan focuses on a triple billion target:  ensuring one billion more people benefit from access to universal health coverage, one billion more people are protected from health emergencies and one billion more people enjoy better health and well-being.”

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dr KC airlifted to Kathmandu as his health condition deteriorates further


Kathmandu, January 19

Medical education reforms activist Dr Govinda KC, who started his 16th hunger strike last week, was brought to Kathmandu on early Friday morning after his health condition deteriorated.

He was airlifted to Kathmandu by a Nepali Army’s chopper at 3 am and is being kept at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH). KC was ferried to Bhadrapur Army camp in Jhapa on an ambulance as the helicopter couldn’t land in Illam. He was then flown to Kathmandu.

He was brought to Kathmandu after doctors warned on Thursday that it would be risky to keep him in Ilam, where intensive care equipment is not available. Doctors say that his heartbeat was irregular and his oxygen saturation level was below 80.

Doctors attending to KC have also informed that the level of glucose in his body had fallen by one-third and ketone was detected in his urine. KC, in the past few days, has been experiencing difficulty in breathing while his blood pressure levels have also been fluctuating. KC, who started his strike last Wednesday, was also suffering from chest pain.

Former Chief Justice Sushila Karki, former speaker Daman Nath  Dhungana, former TU Vice-chancellor Kedar B Mathema and senior advocate Surendra Bhandari visited Dr KC on Thursday. After the government failed to take care of KC, they took the initiative to bring him to Kathmandu.

KC started his sixteenth fast-unto-death on January 9 in Ilam, demanding that the Medical Education Bill be passed as per the latest agreement between him and the government.

KC, despite frail health, will carry on his hunger strike at the Hospital.

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Women T20 Smash: Nepal beat Indonesia and reach the final

Kathmandu, January 18

Nepal have beaten Indonesia by 92 runs to book a place in the final of Women’s T20 Smash Tournament in Thailand.

Batting first, Nepal posted a score of 119/3 with help from Sita Rana (48) and Indu Barma (37*) in their allotted 20 overs. In reply, Indonesia were all out for 27 in 11.3 overs. Nepal’s captain Rubina Chettri tore through the Indonesian middle order and took four wickets giving away only two runs.

Nepal have reached the finals and are unbeaten in the tournament beating China, Malaysia, UAE and Thailand before today’s match.

Nepal will face either Thailand or the UAE in the finals.

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