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16 Nepalis commit suicide everyday: Police

Kathmandu, August 6

Nepal Police says 16 Nepalis committed suicide everyday on average throughout the recently concluded fiscal year.

Records at the national police organisation inform that total 5,754 persons killed themselves from mid-July 2018 to mid-July 2019. The number is eight per cent more than the number of suicides recorded in the previous year.

Nepal Police spokesperson Bishwa Raj Pokharel says the number of suicides is steadily increasing over a past few years.

It has been found that hanging is the most preferred modus operandi for suicide in Nepal. Total 4,312 persons chose that way, according to police.

Other preferences are poisoning, drowing, jumping off and electrocution.

Pokharel views that people’s changing lifestyle is responsible for increasing suicide rate. “On the one hand, our lifestyle is too expensive, but there is unemployment on the other side,” he says, “Depression is increasing in people.”

“People kill themselves when they fail while wishing for successes. However, there are different reasons in each case.”

Of late, extramarital affairs have also contributed to the rise in suicide. “Many women have killed themselves after their extramarital relationships are expose when their husbands are abroad.”

Likewise, some young people have committed suicide after failing to win love from the people they want to be in relationship with.

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