Authority plans strategy to encourage additional power use

Kathmandu, November 8

The Nepal Electricity Authority is planning to introduce a strategy to encourage power consumers to increase the use of power.

Whereas the authority was struggling hard to meet the domestic demand until three years ago, the national grid currently has excess electricity thanks to better management and the completion of new projects. The amount of produced power is likely to increase in the coming years as many big projects are in the pipeline.

The authority says it will initially adjust the electricity tariff as a part of the strategy. In this process, the authority will make the power expensive for the consumers using the minimum amount and cheap for those using more. After the price adjustment, the more power one uses, the cheaper it costs.

The authority’s spokesperson Prabal Adhikari says a scheme will be introduced to encourage the consumers to use more of electronic appliances. “For example, we will target replacing gas stoves with induction heaters.”

Meanwhile, the authority is gradually decreasing the amount of electricity it imports from India. Currently, around 80 megawatt power is being imported per day. On the other hand, it has begun exporting excess power to India. On average, Nepal currently exports 26 megawatt power to the southern neighbour, according to the authority.