Foundation for Nepal-India-China partnership being built: Dahal

Pushpa Kamal Dahal

Kathmandu, October 16

A chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, says a foundation for the trilateral partnership among Nepal, India and China is being built. He claims the recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Nepal is a step towards that f0undation.

Speaking at a tea party organised by his party to exchange greetings on the occasion of Dashain, Tihar and Chhath festivals, the former prime minister said the visit had multiple dimensions and one of the key dimensions was the building of the foundation. He was of the view that the visit was historical and successful.

Presenting himself as an advocate of such a tripartite partnership since a long ago, Dahal said economic and political bases for the alliance were being ready.

He claimed Xi and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also discussed taking Nepal together ahead along with the economic superpowers.