Weather to get better from Monday, says MFD

Kathmandu, September 29

The Meteorological Forecasting Division has said that the weather conditions should start to get better from Monday. Meteorologists say that people should not be worried about Dahsain being ruined by the rain.

“The rain should subside by Monday. The clouds are slowly heading east, which means we should get some sunshine from Monday onwards. It might rain in Kathmandu and eastern Nepal on Sunday, but the weather should get better on Monday,” shares Manju Basi from the MFD.

The MFD can only forecast weather up to three days, which is why weather forecasts for the time between Phulpati until Dashami are yet to come out. However, Basi says that rain is less likely as the weather system is shifting towards the east.

“We will get light showers throughout Dashain, but the manner in which it has been raining for the past few weeks will stop from Monday,” she adds.

Basi further states that the MFD had not seen an environment for the monsoon to completely subside immediately. She, however, confirms that there will not be many incidents of heavy rainfall from Monday onwards.