Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Scuffle between leaders mars NCP Province 2 committee’s oath function

Janakpurdham, September 10

A fight has broken out during an oath-taking ceremony of Nepal Communist Party in Province 2. Sources say around a dozen leaders and cadres have been injured in the incident while one person is believed be critical as he was hit on the head by an object.

Police say that the fight broke out between cadres and leaders of NCP before the oath-taking ceremony could begin.

NCP’s chairmen and the general secretary at the central level had asked the provincial leaders to postpone the ceremony; however, the NCP Province 2 chief Prabhu Sah was adamant that the ceremony be held on Tuesday. Sources say that Sah and a few others tried to forcefully hold the ceremony, after which the confrontation took place. Sah was ejected from the venue.

The Sah-led group then started to create commotion by anti-party chants and started to break chairs and tables.

Police were called to take control of the fight. Sources add that the police used batons to control the crowd and in the process hit Saptari NCP leader Dev Nath Yadav on the head. Similarly, Madhu Sudhan Yadav has also been injured in the clash with the police.


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