Repairing Naubise-Nagdhunga road not easy, says official

Kathmandu, September 29

The Naubise-Nagdhunga road section along the Tribhuvan Highway is causing problem among people travelling to and from Kathmandu. The 12-kilometre road, currently being repaired, is causing traffic jams as long as 30 kilometres.

The Road Division Offices from Bharatpur and Kathmandu have been assigned to repair the roads. However, both have not been able to repair the roads on time.

Road Division Office, Bharatpur’s chief Krishna Raj Adhikari has said that working on the section hasn’t been easy. “I don’t understand. When we don’t repair the road we get questioned. Now when we are repairing, we are receiving questions again.”

Adhikari says that if they stop the flow of traffic for even 10 minutes, the traffic jam reaches as long as three kilometres. “The road section is a mere seven-metre wide and that hasn’t helped us either,” adds Adhikari, who says around 14,000 vehicles enter Kathmandu via the road daily.

A call for tenders was announced last year asking for bids for the development of the road section. However, there wasn’t a single bid last year. “The same happened this year. In response to our first tender notice, no one submitted a bid. A second tender notice will be sent soon,” Adhikari shares.

Adhikari says that contractors don’t want to work on the stretch because it is hard. This year the divisions had planned to repair the damages on the roads caused by heavy load vehicles. But engineer Hari Kumar Thakuri shares that they haven’t found it easy to work on the stretch due to constant flow of vehicles.