Rai says Samajwadi Party will leave govt if no amendment

File: Ashok Rai

Butwal, September 29

A senior leader of the Samajwadi Party, Ashok Rai, says his party will leave the current government if it does not take any initiative to amend the constitution.

The party had joined the government after top leaders of the Nepal Communist Party had promised an amendment to address its concerns.

Speaking at a function organised in Butwal on Sunday, Rai expressed his dissatisfaction that the government was silent about the demands for amendment. He reiterated that amendments should be made to introduce the directly elected presidential system, federalism with identity among other issues.

In another context, he said the government was not operating as people wished. The citizens were hopeless as corruption and bribery increased, according to him.

Rai clarified that his party would continue protesting the government’s wrongdoings though it was also a part of the government.