KC urges medical colleges to refund students, warns of protest

Dr Govinda KC

Kathmandu, September 25

Medical education reform activist Dr Govinda KC has warned that he will start a protest if medical colleges don’t refund the excess fees taken from the students.

Realising a statement on Wednesday, KC has urged medical colleges to refund the students.

The government had put a ceiling on the fee medical colleges could take from students after KC’s hunger strike. However, the colleges have not followed the government’s orders and have been taking excess fees from students.

The government had said that medical colleges in the Kathmandu valley and outside the valley could charge students Rs 3.8 million and Rs 4.2 million respectively for MBBS courses. However, they have been charging as much as Rs 6 million for the course.

In the statement, KC has also said that the universities should appoint officials based on regulations set by the committee led by Parasar Koirala. “If the appointment doesn’t follow those regulations, it should be scrapped,” his statement reads.