Factionalism ‘finished’ Nepali Congress: Shashanka Koirala

Nepali Congress General Secretary Shashanka Koirala among other leaders during a press meet, in Ramechhap, September 26, 2019.

Ramechhap, September 26

Nepali Congress General Secretary Shashanka Koirala says factional politics ‘finished’ his party. He says the no external force but internal factionalism has to be blamed for the party’s weak position in the national politics currently.

Speaking with journalists in Ramechhap district headquarters on Thursday, Koirala said it was unfortunate that factionalism persisted in the party forever though it was natural during the general convention.

“If any force has defeated the Congress,” he said, “It is the factionalism inside it.”

Meanwhile, Koirala said time would tell if he would run for the party presidency in the next convention. The leader, however, maintained that his attention was focused on the convention now.

He commended that the recently established ‘sisterhood’ between the Nepal Communist Party and the Communist Party of China were not strange.