Nepal, Oman labour officials to finalise MoU draft this week

Kathmandu, April 30

Nepali labour officials say they will try to finalise the draft of a memorandum of understanding that the country will sign with Oman for the recruitment of Nepali workers in the Arab country.

Human resource officials of Muscat will come to Nepal on Thursday for a two day meeting, according to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

Officials claim the government will try to make this agreement more progressive than the one signed with Malaysia a few months ago. “Our major concerns are zero cost for recruitment and workplace health and security,” an official informs, “We will clearly communicate our stances.”

Another official says, “We don’t only want to make the job managed and dignified, we also want to ensure that our workers feel safe there.”

A few months ago, Oman had sent the first draft of the agreement. Nepal has already sent its feedback on the draft.