In pictures: How locals in Nepal’s southern districts are facing crisis after storm

A strong storm and lightning in southern Nepal has killed as many as 31 people on Sunday night. The natural disaster has injured over 500 people in Bara and Parsa districts.

Home Ministry officials say police and rescue personnel have been sent to the affected villages in the districts, but reaching the victims has a challenge during the night.

The storm destroyed many houses leaving people without a roof over their head. Locals have said that their harvest was also destroyed in the storm.


The news of load carrying lorries overturning due to the storm has also been reported.

Many people died after being buried under the rubble of houses or being hit by the zinc sheets blown by the roofs.

The amount of infrastructural damages incurred in the disaster is yet to be ascertained as the storm has damaged hundreds of houses, electric pylons and pools, while uprooted trees have obstructed the roads and highways.

The storm had led to power outage last night. The internet service has resumed in the affected districts.

Security agencies including two battalions of Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force of Nepal have been mobilised to carry out the rescue and relief operation in the affected area.