Upper Tamakoshi to come online only in November 2019

Kathmandu, October 31

The 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydel, which is already three years behind its completion deadline, will take at least a year for it to start producing power, officials said.

The delay has been attributed to slow-paced hydromechanical work at the plant. Under a revised target set after the 2015 earthquake, the first unit of the project had to start producing electricity by December 2017 and the six other units by May 2018.

“We can only start commercial power production in October next year,” said Tamakoshi Hydropower Company’s Chief Executive Bigyan Adhikari.

The project was intially expected to be compled in August 2015, but work was hampered due to the earthquake and the Indian blockade.

The project, which is entirely funded by domestic resource, has mobilised investment from the Provident Fund, Nepal Telecom, National Insurance Corporation, and Citizen Investment Trust. As per the law, residents of areas affected by the project also have a stake in the multi-billion rupee project.