Nepal buying 935,000 metric ton fertiliser from India for next five years

Kathmandu, July 26

The government of Nepal says it has begun the  process to purchase 935,000 metric ton fertiliser from India for next five years.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives says the amount of fertiliser will be purchased under the government-to-government scheme from the current fiscal year 2018/19 till fiscal year 2023/24.

Whereas the country in total needs 1 million and 990,000 metric ton fertiliser including urea, potash and DAP in next five years, 935,000 metric ton including 565,000 metric ton urea and 370,000 metric ton  DAP will be brought from the southern neighbour, according to the Ministry’s plan.

Details about the requirement have already been communicated with India so as to avoid possible shortage of fertiliser of different types in different seasons, according to the Ministry.

As per the purchase plan, the amount of fertiliser needed from India goes increasing every year.