1,700 government employees to face action for coming office late, missing uniform

Kathmandu, June 25

The National Vigilance Centre (NVC) has recommended action against 1,668 government employees for failing to come office on time and not wearing uniform.

Assistant Spokesperson at NVC, Dolnath Aryal said, “Action has been recommended against these employees based on the monitoring carried out at 819 government offices in the fiscal year 2017/18.”

Of them, 1,119 employees will face action for not reporting to work on time and 549 face action for not wearing the uniform. The highest number of employees to face action is from ministries within Singha Durbar.

Under Secretary Aryal shared that in the monitoring carried out in 43 offices within the Singha Durbar complex, 188 employees were found defaulting on time and 280 on the uniform.

It is stated that the chiefs of the respective offices have been instructed to take appropriate action against the employees not keeping to the office time and wearing the formal dress. The action includes asking for an explanation, cautioning and reprimanding the erring employees.