Rewards for Recreation: Credit Cards That Match Your Hobbies

You might see the world of credit card rewards as two extremes — jet-setting on one end and penny-pinching on the other. The truth is, there’s a big world between glitzy travel rewards and no-nonsense cash back. Plenty of credit cards have rewards programs that can help you indulge your everyday interests while saving some money in the bargain.

Take a look at some of the ways that credit cards can match up with various hobbies and pastimes, from food to fitness.

Dining out

For some of us, the experience and ambience of going to a restaurant matter just as much as the actual eating. The menu of best credit cards for foodies includes:

  • — This card’s 5% cash back bonus categories often include restaurant purchases once a year. Make sure to check the Cashback Calendar and activate your bonus every quarter.
  • Uber Visa Card — Earns 4% cash back on purchases at restaurants and bars as well as UberEATS orders. (Plus, $0 annual fee.)
  • — Earns 3X points on dining and travel worldwide.
  • — Earns 2X points on dining and travel.

TV, movies and music

Earning credit card rewards for enjoying video and music, streaming subscriptions included, is a surefire hit. Cards that reward video and music purchases include:

  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card — This exclusive card for eligible Amazon Prime members earns 5% points back on purchases.
  • — Earns 5 Sony Rewards Points per $1 spent on digital music and video purchases, plus movie rentals, concerts and theater purchases.


  • U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card — This card lets you choose your quarterly rewards categories to earn up to 5.5% cash back, and those categories include bookstores. (To maximize your rewards, you’ll need to concentrate your book purchases within that particular quarter.)
  • Remember the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card listed above? If you buy books on, you can also get those 5% points back rewards.


  • — Getting 5X points on PlayStation™ Store purchases? Game on!


Using credit card rewards to get more value out of your fitness-related spending presents a special case. Many card issuers, such as Discover and Visa, have online shopping portals that include retailers offering sportswear and other types of fitness gear. If you apply rewards points to those purchases, you can turn your credit card into a workout machine.

Even if their rewards programs aren’t specifically geared toward fitness, cards may still offer special deals from time to time. One example is , which recently launched an offer for reduced rates on SoulCycle indoor cycling classes.

Homework first, hobby second

The right credit card rewards program can make your favorite hobby or pastime more enjoyable and more economical. Even if you don’t have a specialty card, you can still reap the benefits of credit cards that offer all-purpose cash back or points for general purchases.

Just make sure to research the offers and terms so that you fully understand how you’ll earn your points and cash back — work before play.

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