‘Bijuli Machine’ Trailer Promises A Story Full Of Ambition, Inspiration & Dedication

According to the experts, if only Nepal could utilize its water resources and generate electricity according to its capacity; it won’t take long for this Himalayan nation to be a developed country. But our leaders are so busy pulling each others’ legs that they have got absolutely no time to even think about the nation or its people. Fortunately, there are some individuals in this country who are doing everything they can from which not only themselves but the nation too can benefit. Upcoming Nepali film ‘Bijuli Machine’ is one such story of some youths that will inspire people to dream and make those dreams come true with their hard work and dedication.

The film that will mark the debut of Abhishek Subedi, Jeewan Adhikari and Reliza Shrestha also stars Buddhi Tamang and Rajesh Hamal in important roles. The film produced under the banner of Silhouette International Pvt. Ltd. is directed by a well known ad film-maker, Navin Awal, who has earlier directed a critically acclaimed shot film titled ‘One Percent’. The release of the film that was earlier scheduled for September has been pushed to November 11.

The trailer of the film has been recently released and it looks promising. The story of two students who are trying to generate electricity from sound definitely looks like interesting. Watch the trailer here and comment if you are eager to watch the film.

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