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Big Brother TV Show In Nepal: 16 Contestants We’d Love To See In The House

The tenth season of Bigg Boss, the Indian version of popular ‘real life soap’ Big Brother, is soon to hit the TV screens and the audiences not only in India but in Nepal too will stick to their television sets every night for three months as a huge number of people in both the countries have been enjoying the show since years. First aired in Netherlands in 1999, the show developed by Endemol has since been adapted in over forty countries. So we thought, what if there was a Nepali version of this TV show and 16 celebrities were confined in a specially-designed house where their every single action is recorded on dozens on cameras? That sounds extremely interesting to us. So, here’s a list of 16 contestants we would love to see as “house-mates”.

1. Aastha Pokharel

Photo: Anjil Maskey

Photo: Anjil Maskey

Supermodel Aastha Pokharel who splits her time between Kathmandu and Mumbai would be a great pick for the show. One of the most experienced Nepali models, the winner of Kingfisher Supermodels 2 would have a lot to talk about Nepali modelling and fashion scene; and we would love to get the insights.

2. Sandip Chhetri


Actor, comedian and TV host Sandeep Chhetri would be another perfect contestant for the show. More popular for his character named Mithailal Jyadhav, he would bring that entertainment factor to the show.

3. Sudin Pokharel


It’s been quite some years since rapper, TV host and sports commentator Sudin Pokharel has disappeared from the limelight. More popularly known by his stage name DA69, the ‘The Unity’ rapper has been living in Australia. Once the heartthrob of thousands of girls, it would be great to have him on the show.

4. Priyanka Karki


Well, well, well, what do we say about Priyanka Karki? Just her presence on the show will be more than enough for most of the people to get hooked on to the TV show. Currently the leading lady of Nepali cinema, this terrific entertainer will undoubtedly be one of the toughest contenders on the show.

5. Anjali Lama

Photo: Mahesh Pradhan

Photo: Mahesh Pradhan

Born as a boy named Nabin Waiba, Nepal’s first transgender model Anjali Lama has a lot of stories to tell and what can be a better platform than this show! It would also be great to have her in the house because the majority of Nepali people are still unaware of LGBTI community and their status in our society and she would be the perfect representative who can be their voice. Also, hers has been a long and struggling journey, it would be an inspiration for many people to know about her.

6. Adrian Pradhan


Let’s have someone with an amazingly beautiful voice in the house. How about Adrian Pradhan? Perfect! The former 1974 AD lead singer who is soon to debut on silver screen will keep the environment of the house positive with his soulful voice.

7. Sagar Thapa


We would love to have Sagar Thapa in the house because people want to know and they deserve to know what exactly happened back then. The former national football team skipper and one of the most controversial Nepali athletes, we are not sure if he deserves to represent Nepali sports fraternity in a platform like this but we don’t want him to represent the sports fraternity anyway, we just want an individual to be there whom we all loved and we all were proud of someday. We needs some answers!

8. & 9. Ayushman DS Joshi & Paramita RL Rana

Photo: Namaste TV Show

Photo: Namaste TV Show

Well, a real life couple in the house would be interesting. We chose them because they are not only one of the hottest Nepali couples but also because they are never uncomfortable to talk about their relationship in public or in front of media; and we absolutely love that thing about this couple. The two have gathered huge fan following from their modelling projects and also their recent film ‘Chapali Height 2’. They are sure to make the show hot and happening

10. Sahana Bajracharya


Photo: Namaste TV Show

Not exactly because she has been quite controversial a couple of times, but because she is one of the most adored and loved TV personalities, we would love to have Sahana Bajracharya in the house. Miss Nepal Earth 2010 will definitely bring some awesomeness to the show with her vibrant personality.

11. Asish Syangden


One of the most loved voices on radio, Asish Syangden has been ruling the radio scene for almost two decades now. Currently associated with BFBS Radio, he is equally popular on social media for his witty posts. It’s no secret that this man would be one of the most loved contestants who would thoroughly entertain not only the housemates but the audiences as well.

12. Abhaya Subba


Abhaya ‘The Rockstar’ Subba is one of the very few female celebrities in Nepal who have guts to express what they feel about something. The founder and lead singer of rock n’ roll band Abhaya and the Steam Injuns, she has always been very vocal on issues related with Nepal and Nepalese people. She would definitely be an ideal contestant to be on the show and she will rock it there just like she rocks when she is on stage.

13. Archana Paneru


Let’s add some more drama to the show. How about we have Archana Paneu in the house? Sounds pretty interesting to us. The social media sensation who desires to be a professional porn star someday has worked in a couple of music videos and a feature film so far. While we have personalities from different fields and of different opinions, it would be pretty entertaining to have her in the house as well. Oh yeah, we can hear some guys scream in excitement already!

14. Aayush Rimal


Arguably the most controversial Nepali teenager (after Archana Paneru, of course), Aayush Rimal would be a good pick for the show for obvious reasons. The popular YouTuber who has a huge fan following has an equal number of, or may be even more, haters. He would make the show much more entertaining with his sense of humor. So, let’s just have him.

15. Subin Bhattarai


So we’ve got actors, models, TV personalities, athletes, singers, pageant winners; so who else do we need? How about an author? Sounds like a good idea. Let’s have Subin Bhattarai in the house. The ‘Summer Love’ author who is all set to release his fourth book titled ‘Monsoon’ this month is quite popular among youths for his romantic writings. It would be interesting to know about Nepali literature scene from him.

16. Rishi Dhamala


At last but not the least, how can we forget about the one and only, Rishi Dhamala, the most loved Nepali journalist (ahem!). He will take the show to a whole new level for sure, not sure if in a good or a bad way though. But whatever, 100% entertainment is guaranteed if he is in the house. Plus, imagine him asking the housemates, “Tapaile yo show kaile jitnu huncha? First season, second season, third season athwa kahile? Hamilai vannuhos, janta janna chahancha.” (When will you win the show – in the first, second or third season? Please answer us, the public wants to know). It might be brutal torture for his fellow housemates but well, we’ll have fun.

That’s not it yet. Apart from the contestants, we’ve also figured out who should host the show and who should be the voice of Big Brother.

You might be fond of his acting or not, but you can’t deny the fact that Rajesh Hamal is a terrific show host. With that larger than life personality, he will prove to be a great host of this TV show.


The voice of Big Brother or ‘Thuldai’ or whatever the name of the show would be, must be quite heavy and appealing. Once the person starts talking, he should have all the attention of every housemate. And we choose actor Sunil Thapa to be that voice. He would do justice to the part given to him for sure.


Photo: TNM

Well, that’s everyone who needs to be the part of this show. We really wish it was actually made because Nepali television is quite boring and it needs some shows which can actually attract audiences.

That’s our choices. Let us know what you think of them. Also, do comment below who would you like to see if this show was made in Nepal.

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