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We Were Trying To Find Out Why Is That ‘Nira Jaile Risaune’ & Priyanka Karki Revealed The Secret!

Let me just quickly guess which song are your humming right now. 1… 2… 3… “NIRA!!!” Did I get it right? Of course I did. The another viral song by Kali Prasad Baskota has quickly become everyone’s favorite. No wonder that the song from upcoming film ‘Purano Dunga’ has crossed 1 million views in just two weeks.

Why did the song become so much popular?

Of course because it’s a good song and features one of the most loved on screen couples – Dayahang Rai and Priyanka Karki. But if you ask me, there’s another major reason behind its popularity as well. It’s because, a lot of people can relate to the song. In every relationship, there’s a Nira, it’ not necessary that it’s the girl and it can be the guy as well. For various reasons, the ‘Nira’ gets upset quite often. It might be because there might be something that is bothering them, or they might feel that the relationship is not going the way it should or simply because they are seeking for their partner’s full attention.

Note: If you don’t think there’s no ‘Nira’ in your relationship, it’s YOU!

Why is Nira always mad?

Alright, after that quick little ‘philosophy’ session, let’s move ahead. It’s been two weeks already since the song hit the internet and we still have no idea that why exactly is that ‘Nira jaile risaune’. So I put a status on my Facebook handle this morning and asked the people about their opinions regarding the same. I had them instructed that I was looking for some funny and witty answers. Let’s see some of the reactions I got.

1. “Nira lai kasaile maya garera fakaidiyos jasto lagcha hola, tehi vayera Nira jaile risaune.” – Youman Maharjan

Right. That can be true.

2. “Rishi Dhamala lai thaha hola.” – Durgish Nandine Thapa

Looks like the producer of the ‘Hostel’ series is a pretty big fan of Mr. Hamala, I mean, Dhamala.

3. “Testo helmet layeko mancche ko pachhadi basnu paryo vane ta jo ni risaucha ni.” – Saurav Shrestha


Like seriously though, what is he wearing? (Where can I get something like this?)

4. “PMSing, may be.” – Sadiksha Scarlet Thapa

[*PMS – Premenstrual syndrome]

Hmm! This might be the shortest and the most accurate answer.

5. “US gaye pani America nagayesi jo pani risaucha.” – Anurag Shakya

Ahem! ‘Nira’ is so going to get mad over this remark as well.

6. “Nira le gaida dekheko chhaina jasto chha. Aadhi zindagi khera gai halyo, tehi vayera.” – Rishav

Okay. Somebody give this ‘Oli’ fan a pipeline. Buhahahaha!

7. “Nira ko motey motayera Nira lai bike ma basnai gaaro huncha. Thau nai pugdaina. Mote le Friday night Garden of Dreams ma dinner laane bhanera Ranta Park ma lagera yahi ho mero sapanako bagaincha bhanera katti roll khuwayo. Pohor Dashainma deko soonko authi yespali khuilisakyo. Mote Facebook ma khaali aru keti haruko photo like gardai bascha.” – Avas Karmacharya

Oh! Nira is going through so much pain. *wipes tears*

8. “Nira: Ke khayo mero baby le din bhari?

Me: Tero tauko, ke khanu baato ko dhulo khaye din bhari. Kanchas ma sang?” – Bilal Ahmed Shah

How rude of you, Bilal. Is that the way you talk to your Nira? Bad boy Bilal!

9. “Periods ma keti haru yestai ho.” – Sabin Karki ‘Beest’

Oho, looks like the Cartoonz Crew frontman is an expert at handling situations like this. Does anyone need classes?

10. “Listen carefully, it’s actually ‘Neeraj’ahile risuane, Neeraj ahile risaune.” – Sisan Baniya

[*Neeraj is the blogger’s name]



11. “Bhok lagera” – Shraddha Prasai & Pratisha Rumba


That’s it. Somebody make Nira a sandwich, NOW!

12. “Risauna mann lagera. It’s her right.” – Sharmila Tamrakar

Yes ma’m, of course. (I really hope she doesn’t call the people from human rights organizations.)

13. “Nira le heera bhanera mann parako.. solti ta khatira po parechha. Baru keto jira bhaako bhaye ni la masaaledaar maaya hune bho bhannu, dhamirai-dhamira jasto bhayesi zindagi, tanaab-grast nahos ta bichari Nira ko.” -Bipul P. Pandey

I can confirm this, this guy is the ‘Nira’ in his relationship. Just look at the way he is explaining all the pain and struggles. Looks like he has been through all of them.

14. “Surkethaili khai, surkethaili khai bhandai hintheen Nira. Kasaile suggest garecha Wall Street ko yo bull ko thaila ‘surkethaili’ ho ani Nira yo chhuna America ni pugeen. Ani aile aayera sabaile bhanchhan yo tyo surkethaili hoina rey. Ani risaudinin ta Nira.” – Xian Xettri

purano 1

Dude, that’s so offensive. You shouldn’t have said that. (Buhahahahha. But that’s equally hilarious. S-A-V-A-G-E)

15. “Risuani ta Nira ko tarika ho ni maya sita maya misauni!” – Prashant Rasaily

Aww! Sweet!

16. “Jaile maya garda ni tito hola vanera jaile risayera mitho banaki ni.” – Jyoti Thapa

I didn’t actually get the logic behind it but may be women understand the feelings of other women, so I guess, it’s correct. IDK!

17. “It’s nothing. Nira just needs some ‘Hajmola’ tablets, so that she can ‘digest’ the reality that nothing in life can be perfect, not even a relationship.” – Anu Tajhya

Dang! Somebody gave a serious life lesson, with a twist of humor.

And you know what, there was a reaction from the creator of ‘Nira’ himself, the one and only, KALI PRASAD BASKOTA. He just posted this meme to express what he has to go through these days.


“I’ve been asked this.”


Wait for it.

Wait some more.

Give me some more footage.

Wait some more.


Here we go!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand….. there was a reaction from *some Ekta Kapoor kind of shots from all the four sides with some dramatic music*

Yes, you got it right. There was a reaction from the ‘Nira’ herself. Priyanka Karki wrote:

“I know why… because whatever Nira says or does ends up becoming such a big issue.. so she is always bothered. That’s why.”


*slow claps for all the wittiness and the satire involved in just a single sentence*

nira gif


So, the award for the Best Reason goes to……….

Well, you decide. Comment below.

FYI, Nira is the not the name of any character in this film. The term has just been used as the short form of ‘Nirmaya’. What?? Yes!

The film is scheduled for its release on November 25th this year. For now, isten to the song again.

You can read the entire thread on Facebook HERE.









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