We Saw This Fascinating Quote On A Popular Platform, Find Out What Does It Actually Mean!

Epic Quotes, a Facebook page that has over 770k followers, is one of our favorite pages on this social network as it constantly posts some of the best quotes related with life, love, family and just everything; that sometimes inspires you and sometimes just makes you feel emotional. There was a quote posted on Saturday that grabbed our special attention as it was about Nepal and more particularly, about being a Nepali.

The quote that read, “Being Nepali Is A Tradition” was submitted by Arsalan Akhter. It was so fascinating that we tried to find out about the writer and the exact meaning behind this very quote that he wanted to portray. And guess what, we found him.

The 25-year-old Kathmandu writer who describes himself as “A drop-out by choice, A cricketer by passion, An entrepreneur by need; ‘An Expressionist’ is what he aspires to be!”, is the author of a novel titled ‘Raw Dreamers’. Here’s how he explains the actual meaning behind the quote he wrote:

The majestic trail of Nepal is home to 125 ethnic groups and 123 different languages — This tiny nation ‪#‎FromTheHimalayas‬ has an immensely bigger heart.

As a Muslim, I have witnessed:
While temples ring, Adhaan calls for prayer.
Devotees pour into Mandir, Namazis go to the Masjid.
Hindus adorn tika on their forehead, Muslims adorn their skull cap.
They burn. They bury.
By and large, they all co-exist in the cogwheel peacefully in this distinct piece of land- where Gautam Buddha was born.

Our tiny nation is a perfect example of “Cultural Harmony”

One of the most beautiful things Islam has witnessed in this nation is Nepali Topi in a Muslim’s head, while at Namaz. (I wish had a photograph to portray.)

The compassion of all Nepalese makes it a greater identity and that is why:

‘Being Nepali is a tradition’

Beautifully explained!

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