‘Mr. 250’ Aayush Rimal Donates Rs. 1 Lakh To Charity, Let’s Make More Fun of Him

You do know Aayush Rimal, right? Even if you didn’t earlier, you know him now. All thanks to the ‘Rs. 250’ controversy. If you’re some kind of Kumbhakaran and woke up from your 6-month sleep recently; here’s what the controversy is all about.

One of the most popular Nepali YouTubers, Aayush Rimal who has been living in United States since a couple of years, came to Nepal in June this year.

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As the YouTuber has over 50,000 subscribers on his channel; some of them actually happen to be his genuine fans unlike others who are just there to dislike his new video as soon as it is uploaded, of course, without even taking a look. So, for those genuine fans, he had organized a Meet And Greet event at Bajeko Sekuwa in Battishputali on July 30th. Everything was alright until the poster of the event hit the internet.


People went crazy that why should they pay to meet this YouTuber. Hmm? Nobody had actually forced anyone to attend the event to be clear. But who has got time to think about that and once they have such a wonderful chance to criticize, harass and troll someone, why would they back off, right? And that’s what happened. Aayush literally won the troll game against Rajesh Hamal, Rajnikant and Rishi Dhamala as his trolls and memes started to break the internet. He was also given a beautiful nick name: ‘Rs. 250’. Awww!

A couple of memes out of the millions.

rim con 1


rim con 2


rim con 3

But guess what, when the event took place, there were actually quite a lot of people who paid Rs. 250 to be there. Yes, paid Rs. 250. <<echo of 250….. 250….. 250… 250….>>

Some photographs from the event.

Courtesy: Ananta Poudel

rim 2

rim 3

rim 4


Even until now, nobody had no freaking idea that why was raising all the money for. In the meantime, he did another event titled ‘How To Be A YouTuber With Aayush Rimal’ in collaboration with Edushala. And the registration fee this time was, guess yourself…. no, not Rs. 250…. <<tada…tada……. (suspense music)….>> Rs. 750. Yes, you read that right. His ‘bhau’ increased by a whopping Rs. 500. And there were actually some ‘real’ people who did pay the amount. See the pictures.

edu 1


And the big question remained unanswered, “Why the hell was he raising all this money? Didn’t he have enough money to pay for his air ticket to return to the US? Or he just wanted to make some easy money? Hmm?

Well, seems like he had been raising all this money for a good cause. He donated an amount of Rs. 100,000 to Help Nepal Network. Rabindra Mishra, the Founder of this charity, took to his Facebook handle to inform about the same. Here’s his post.

Alright! Now there are two very important lessons to be learned from Aayush’ Nepal trip and the Rs. 250 controversy:

#1. Never judge a person without actually knowing them and their intentions.

Wait for the other one…

Even though Mr. Mishra has clearly stated that he was informed about the donation before the event was planned; after reading and knowing about Aayush’ donation, many people are going to be like, “Haha! It was not pre-planned and he just donated the money because he was being criticized.”

So fellas, here comes the second important lesson that we can all learn:

#2. Don’t give a sh*t about what people talk about you because no matter what you do, they are always going to be talking behind you. So, you know what, just f*ck it and keep doing your thing!

That’s it!

Talking about his Nepal trip and everything that followed, “It were some of the best days of my life. I met some of the most wonderful people, did some good things (or at least I thought so) and thoroughly enjoyed the trip“, he told Neostuffs. “About the controversy, I have taken this whole thing very lightly. People love to talk and so they will. Not a big deal, I guess. I just have love and respect for everyone in my heart.”

The YouTuber went back to the US earlier this week. Keep doing you thing, Aayush. Never stop!

Cover Photo: Anant Poudel


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