Fresh Tunes: Prasant Limbu Releases Music Video For ‘Chahanchu’

If we had to research and come up with a verdict on which foreign country has the most number of Nepalese creative people; we are pretty sure that there would be quite a tough competition between the UK, the US and Australia. But if you ask us, we would probably go with the UK. The folks out there have been coming up with beautiful music, entertaining short films and videos; and they seem to be consistently improving.

One such talent is Prasant Limbu. The Intake Beats singer has been entertaining us with beautiful songs and their lovely music videos. He has just released a new music video for his single ‘Chahanchu’ and it’s good, like really good. The song written and performed by Limbu himself is arranged, mixed and mastered by Sanzip rai. The music video that stars Devendra Gurung and Sirjana Gurung is filmed by Diamond Studios and edited by Binay Kansakar.

We loved the song and its music video. What do you think about it? Watch it here.

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