1974 AD’s New Album ‘Hazaar Sapna’ Is Out & It’s Absolutely Free. Get It Here!

One of the most anticipated albums of the year has finally been released. ‘Hazaar Sapna,’ the ninth studio album by 1974 AD, was released today in an event held at Moksh, Jamsikhel in Kathmandu. The album features eight songs that have been written and composed by the band members including two, ‘Saani Ko’ and ‘Pathaideu (Reprised)’, by the founder member and former lead vocalist Phiroj Syangden as well.

The first album by the new line up that was formed last year, has been released after six years of the band’s last album ‘Aath Athara’. The band that currently consists of Nirakar Yakthuma on bass guitars, Manoj Kumar KC on guitars, Sanjay Shrestha on drums and percussions, Rohit John Chettri on vocals and guitars, Prajjwal Mukhiya on vocals and keyboards, Jacko Wacko on trumpets and Pratick Baniya on trombones; was originally founded in 1994 by Phiroj Shyangden, Nirakar Yakthumba and Bhanu A.

‘Hazaar Sapna’ is available for free download. Click on the album art below to download the entire album.

1974 ad album art

The album is also streaming on YouTube. You can listen to all the songs HERE.

Here’s the title song that is written by Anup Pahari and composed by Pahari and Manoj Kumar KC. The song sung by Prajjwal Mukhiya is our favorite one from the album.


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