The Top 10 Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to go to the U.S.? This is the most common question put to international students. Short explanations of the proposed education or research opportunities that are not available in the students home country will convince the visa officer.

  • Why this university? Specific academic advantages or possible research facilities should be a students primary reason for choosing the university. Students might have participated in research projects, so making notes about past experiences, or knowing a specific professor at the university will be advantageous to students going to the interview.

  • How did you find this university? Students can answer this question very easily. The Internet is the primary source for finding and doing more research on each and every university.

  • How many universities have you applied to? Most students try for three to five universities. Receiving a higher number of acceptances or rejections will not impact the decision about the students visa.

  • Who is your sponsor? Parents or family funds primarily support international students. Students are required to provide their sponsor details with sufficient proof of financial capabilities for the sponsors. Sometimes, education loans and companies provide the financial support.

  • What is your fathers occupation? If parents are the primary sponsors, many consulate officers try to find out the family background and their financial capabilities. Students are required to provide honest answers since the visa officers handle thousands of cases and are able to judge very easily whether or not a student is telling the truth.

  • Why this program? Students should give a brief summary of their past academic experience and future career goals.

  • How much is your or your sponsors annual income? This question is also designed to understand students financial situation.

  • What are your post-graduate goals? Students should state what they intend to do after they graduate.

  • What are the reasons to come back after your studies? Economic, family, and social ties are reasons for students to return to their home country after they graduate.