Here’s How Sahas Tamrakar Is Outshining His Rockstar Dad & Beauty Queen Mom

Less than a year ago, The Uglyz frontman Sarun Tamrakar and Miss Nepal 2004 Payal Shakya used to be the center of attraction in any event or gathering they attended. The Sydney based couple is one of the most loved Nepali celebrity couples. But seems like this beautiful couple is being left behind by the charm of the newest celebrity in town. And the person who is outshining them is none other than their ten-month-old son Sahas Ratna Tamrakar. Well, seems like gone are the days when Sarun- Payal used to steal the show and it’s baby Sahas who is in charge now.

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Here we present you some photographs of this cute, adorable and lovely little fellow.

“They say my mum’s smile is beautiful, well, she has got a competition now.”

sahas 2

Ever wondered what does ‘picture-perfect family’ exactly mean? This.

sahas 3

Never seen someone else sporting a leather jacket better.

sahas 4

Let’s shop, shall we?”

sahas 5

Like father, like son!

sahas 6

And hence, ‘Sahas’ shall be the synonym of ‘photogenic’ from now onward.

sahas 7

Family goals right there!

sahas 8

Some more goals!

sahas 9

“For my father’s chest is the best bed I can have.”

sahas 11

Make some noise for this lil’ swagger right here!

sahas 12

Some of the best looking people in one single frame. Hmm!

sahas 13

Swimming like a boss!

sahas 14

“Yo mann ta mero Nepali ho!!!!”

sahas 15

“Who needs a ride?”

Girls: Me! Me!! Me!!!


Now be honest and tell us, how many times did you actually say “Aww!”? See, you too have fallen for this cute little buddy, haven’t you? Now you know, why this fellow is the talk of the town in Sydney.

Can’t get enough of him? Well, we have a present for you. Guess what, Sahas has got an Instagram handle which is run by his parents. Connect with him HERE and witness him grow!

And before you leave, here’s a bonus for y’all. It’s a small clip of the future rockstar jamming! Enjoy!!

Photos: Kewal Rai, Suren’s Photography, Raj’s Photography

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