‘Cartoonz Crew-Almoda Rana Uprety’ Beef Is Now Over, ‘Pani Paryo’ Dance Cover Is Back Online!

“Pani paryo, asina jharyo; dai ko rumaal, bhauju lai mann paryo”

Remember this lovely song? Of course you do. This song reminds us of lots of good things but sadly, it does remind us of a pretty bad thing as well. Yes, you got us right. We’re talking about the beef between the singer of this song, Almoda Rana Uprety and the dance crew, Cartoonz Crew, who had done a dance cover on this song. Just a little reminder on what actually had happened: After a couple of days of this song’s official music video release, Cartoonz Crew had released a video of their dance performance on this song which instantly got viral. For some reasons, the video was taken down by YouTube after a copyright infringement complaint and that’s when all the controversy started. The frontman of the dance crew, Sabin Karki, then took to his Facebook handle to express his disappointment over the situation.

But guess what, everything between the two parties are now clear. Whatever happened in the past is over and the things are now good. Sabin and Almoda recently caught up and had a good conversation. There are no misunderstandings between the two anymore and we’ve got a video in which they look like having a blast in each others company. Most probably, we’ll be seeing these amazing artists collaborating in future as well. Woohoo! Who’s excited? Here’s the video of the two clearing the things up.

And the other good thing is, Cartoonz Crew’s video is now online again. Happy us! Give it a watch again.

And here’s the official music video of the song. Enjoy!

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