A Journo Recently Asked Shristi Shrestha To Introduce Herself. Well, Let Us Do The Honor!

So, this happened earlier this week. As part of team Gajalu’s press meets around the nation; Shristi Shrestha, Gaurav Pahari and Salon Basnet attended a meet in Chitwan on Sunday. As the cast reached the venue late, a journalist seemed pretty pissed off about it. This is how exactly the most awkward two minutes of the press meet went.

Journalist:You are from near. You came to your home town and you came late. I think you should have come earlier. You are a Miss Nepal and you did this film; did you have a wish to work in a film or you just did it to earn some name?”

Shristi: “Have you researched about me before asking me this question?”

Journalist: “You have done a Hindi music video.”

Shristi: “What am I studying, have you researched about it?”

Journalist:I don’t know about that.”

Shristi: “Find out and then ask me a question.”

*After some moment of awkward silence*

Shristi: Are there any more questions?”

The Same Journalist: “Okay so tell us about yourself once.”

Shristi: “I don’t want to answer that.”

*After a while*

Shristi: “I am learning acting at Mandala. I have worked hard for this. I just didn’t do it to fulfill a wish. It’s not like I shouldn’t work in films because I am a Miss Nepal. Everyone is entitled to their choices and I chose to do this. I have worked hard for this, studied and researched to get here. I didn’t just land here out of opportunity or chance. That’s it.”

Journalist: “Many have come and gone. They do a film or two and disappear. It’s not as easy as you said it is. Spend a couple of years in the industry and you will see.”

Shristi: “You don’t need to tell me that. I will learn about it myself. Thank you so much.”

Watch the video HERE.

Okay, we do think that Shristi shouldn’t have lost her temper and kept her cool; but we also just can’t unsee the behavior of the journalist. The way he asked the question and the way he represented himself didn’t seem to be very appropriate.

We’ve been seeing such incidents where media persons and the film stars are seen involved in some arguments once in a while. Both the parties need to understand the significance of the other as they wouldn’t be what they are in the other’s absence. For example, media plays quite a huge role in promoting the actors and their films and reach their audiences. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that media persons should feel like these actors would be nothing without them. In such a modern world with easy access to technology, it wouldn’t be hard for the actors and the film-makers to reach their audiences through various of online platforms. Plus, dude you’re getting paid for what you’re doing. If it wouldn’t be for those very actors, you might have a hard time earning those bucks. So, the verdict is, keep calm and support each other.

Anyways, the journalist at one time asked Shristi to tell them about herself but she didn’t feel comfortable in answering the question. Well, worry not amigos, let us do the honor. Here’s Shristi Shrestha for you.

Not Just Another Miss Nepal

Image: OnlineKhabar

Image: OnlineKhabar

Shristi was crowned Miss Nepal in 2012 and she went on to represent Nepal at Miss World pageant held at Ordos City, China where she not only became the first delegate from Nepal to reach Top 20 but also won the sub title of ‘Miss Confidence’ along with the other titles of ‘Top 10 Beach Beauty’, ‘Top 10 Multimedia Award’ and ‘Top 10 Dancers’. She is undoubtedly one of the most successful Miss Nepal title holders.

International Model

shristi 2

She had spent her teen years in London where she did some modelling projects. She has so far taken various modelling projects around the world in the UK, Thailand, France, Spain, and more. Along with various fashion events in Nepal such as TGIF Nepal Fashion Week, she has also walked the ramp of London Fashion Week. And you thought, her identity is limited to Miss Nepal, really?

Highest Paid Model in Nepal

shristi 3

Apart from being a super successful ramp model and cover girl of various fashion and lifestyle magazines; Shristi has been part of some Nepali music videos as well. Don’t be surprised when we tell you that she is the highest paid model when it comes to music videos. Yep!

International Music Videos

shristi 4

Her most popular international music video so far is undoubtedly the video of unplugged version of Bollywood song from ‘Jackpot’ for T-Series. She was seen romancing with the lead actor Sachiin J Joshi in the song titled ‘Kabhi Jo Badal Barse’ performed by Arijit Singh. Watch the video HERE. Apart from that, she was also seen in a British-Indian Punjabi music video of ‘Naah Pucho’ by MC Special. Watch it HERE.

Brand Ambassador

Image: Kobold Expedition Tools

Image: Kobold Expedition Tools

Shristi is the brand ambassador of American wrist watch brand ‘Kobold’. She recently even endorsed Nepal’s one of the most luxurious resorts – Meghauli Serai, located in Chitwan.

Theater Actor

Image: Avash Karmacharya

Image: Avash Karmacharya

She recently made her theater debut with the Nepali adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ in which she portrayed the character of Ojaswi (Ophellia). Apart from being staged at Theater Village in Lazimpat, the play took place in London last month. Her role was well received from the audiences and she did gather a lot of praises.

Social Worker

shristi 7

Apart from all of these avatars, one of the most lovable sides of her is a social worker. She was the WWF Young Conservation Ambassador during her Miss Nepal tenure. She later also initiated a charity movement called ‘Rahat Siraha’ to support the victims of the fire eruption in Aurahi, Siraha. She also actively volunteered in various relief campaigns right after the 2015 earthquake. Hmm! Not only beautiful from outside but equally beautiful from inside as well.

So, Mr. Journalist, if you might have mistaken her to have suddenly become popular after doing one film, let us break it down for you, you’re WRONG! She has been here for quite a while now, and you might not have noticed. Anyways, thank us later!

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